Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Trip Plan: Ice Age Trail - Harrison Hills Section

Stage 0: Pre-trip

Pack Thursday Night. Google says 2h9m to reach trailhead. Wake at 4:20am, stop at Kwik Trip, depart Appleton by 5:00am

Stage 1: Solo

[T = 7:10 AM]
Bob drops me off at the Harrison Hills Trailhead. Hike Eastbound through the Alta Springs Fishery area,  and down the first leg of the Harrison Hills Ice Age Trail Segment. Topographical Maps indicate that this will be a much hillier trail than SAFL/WR/HCSP.  Highlights of this segment of trail include a sandy beach I'm told sits at the riverbend early on and an unnamed lake suitable for topping off water supply. Meet Bob at Turtle Lake Road Lot.

Luke's Trail Snacks: Chocolate Covered Raisins, Yogurt Pretzels, 1 of 4 Clif Bars

Estimated Segment Length 3.7 miles
Google Estimated Time To Complete: 1h17m
My Estimated Time to Complete(@2mph): 1h 51m
Optional Filtering/Break/Food buffer: 30m

Completion window T+1h 17m  to  T+2h 20m / 8:27am to 9:30am

Stage 2:  + Bob

Resupply from Car if Necessary, Add Bob to the Party, Continue down Second Harrison Hills Trail Segment. Keep on watch for a good lakeside or hilltop lunch spot, and stop for lunch between 11am and 1pm. Continue Eastbound down the trail headed for Lookout Mountain. Lookout Mountain is the highest place on the Ice Age Trail and somehow, despite the trail segment being named "Harrison Hills" the topographical map indicates far more up and down than I had been picturing. CalTopo doesn't overlay where the trail GOES, but I suspect it does more up and down than around.

Keep an eye out for good camping area along this stretch of trail, but plan on camping E of Lookout Mountain. Lookout Mountain will also serve as an exit point should either hiker require extraction.

Luke's Lunch: Knorr Mushroom Rice & Pink Salmon
Luke's Snacks: Finish Chocolate Covered Raisins, Finish Yogurt Pretzels, 1 of 3 Remaining Clif Bars

Estimated Segment Length: 4.4 mi
Google Estimated Time to Complete: 1h:30m
My Estimated Time to Complete(@2mph): 2h 24m
Lunch Break: 45 min
Filter Break: 30 min

Segment Completion Window: Seg+2h 45m to Seg+3h 39m
Total Completion Window: T + 4h 2m to T + 5h 59m / 11:12pm to 1:09pm

Stage 3: Find Camp

Continue East, looking for a good camping area. Earliest point likely around 2.1mi in @ Fox Lake until area parallel to Fish Lake 4.4mi in. Not only will we have covered most of the trail length at this point, but we will be nearing our physical limits. (at furthest point we will have traveled 8-12 miles of what passes for high relief terrain in wisconsin. ironically, high relief terrain does the opposite of what it sounds like.)

Luke's Snacks: 1 of  2 Remaining Clif Bars, Fruit-Based Item
Luke's Dinner: Mountain House Roasted Chicken Breast w/ Mashed Potatoes (Add Dehydrated Onion to potato, bring BBQ Sauce Packet for Chicken), Backpacker's Pantry Dark Chocolate Cheesecake. Aleve Painkiller.

Furthest Camp Point 4.4mi
Google Estimated Time to Complete: 1h 33m
My Estimated  Max time to complete: 2h 24m
Dinner Time: 1h
Filter Time: 30m

Segment Completion Window: Seg+2h 30m to Seg+3h 54m 
Total Completion Window: 6h 32m to 9h 53m  /  1:42pm to 5:03pm

Stage 4: Set Up Camp

Make Camp and relax! It's been a long day, I'm sure! Enjoy the stars and hopefully the sound of Wolves.

Luke's Snacks: Whisky (hopefully this'll help with that whole sore leg thing!)

Stage 5: Wake, Breakfast, Break Camp, Depart.

Wake by 8am and make breakfast, tear down camp and head Westbound down Ice Age Trail aiming for 9am trail departure.

Luke's Breakfast: Mountain House Granola & Blueberries, Aleve Painkiller
Luke's Snacks: Kashi Fruit and Nut Trail Bar

Distance to top of Lookout Mountain: 4.4mi
Google Estimated Time to Complete: 1h 33m
My Estimated  Max time to complete: 2h 24m
Filter Time: 30m

Segment Completion Window: Seg+2h 3m to Seg+2h 54m / 11:03am-11:54am

Stage 6: Return to Vehicle

Head down from Lookout Mountain, keeping an eye out for a lunch stop location. Stop for lunch and head for car.

Luke's Snacks: 1 Remaining Clif Bar, Anything Extra
Luke's Lunch: Mountain House Lasagna w/ Meat Sauce

Distance to Parking Lot: 4.4mi
Google Estimated Time to Complete: 1h30m
My Estimated Time to Complete: 2h24m
Lunch Time: 45m

Segment Completion Window: 2h 15m to 3h 9m
Total Completion Window: 4h 18m to 6h 3m / 1:18pm to 3:03pm

Return home to Appleton for dinner, should return around 5pm

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