Friday, May 15, 2015

REI Sale 5/15/15-5/25/15

Yet again REI tempts me with things I want, at a significant discount.

Mind you, want is the operative word here. I've got most everything I need but there's plenty I still want to get.

To take full advantage of this, first you'll need a Membership. Totally worth the $20 to join, especially because you get a 20% off any one full-price item, and any one outlet item. But after that, here are some of the things I'm tempted to get myself.

ENO Singlenest Hammock $41.89  - Down from $59 As Seen Here my current hammock is one of my least favorite pieces of gear. The nylon part of the hammock has yet to fail me, but it annoys me a little how eagerly it swallows me up, since the 302 is designed for 2 people. the singlenest would be a solo hammock and less likely to gobble me up. If I succumb to this temptation, I'm going for the Orange/Gray one.

100 fl oz camelbak $26.19 - Down from $35. Love my camelbak, not unhappy with it in the slightest. Except for capacity. I can drain the 50 fl oz bladder pretty easily, so a 100 fl oz upgrade has a lot of appeal. Only downside? this would be even more of a pain to get in/out of my baltoro. Would definitely have to filter-in-bag to refill that.

Passage 2 Footprint - Not discounted, going for $23.50. Using my discount coupon would knock that down to $18.80. I like having the footprint for my Base Camp tent, so I'm tempted to get the Passage 2's. Especially since you can combine fly, poles and footprint to make an ultralight tent solution.

Some other things that I myself am not buying (because I already have them or something that fills the role) but you might want to consider:

Snow Peak 900 Cookset - Same one you see me using quite often on here! Not discounted, but a good target for your member's 20% off!

Backpacks - Sale like this is an excellent time to pick up a pack, the only better time is potentially their garage sales.

Tents - Same for tents! these sales are great for picking up a portable piece of shelter.

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