Monday, April 6, 2015

Work In Progress: First Aid Kit

One of the things I'll need, but haven't assembled to my satisfaction yet is a first-aid kit. I've got one similar to this one for my car's trunk but that's way too bulky and not purpose-built enough to carry with me on a backpacking trip. I'm not sure about most of the pre-made ones really, I don't mind a kit that weighs more than what most ultralighters carry, and it'd be nice to have it all done for me. But something tells me that if I assemble, augment or alter a premade one, I'll probably be happier. A friend on IRC recommended this first aid kit in a discussion we were having. I'm mulling over using it as a base.

One thing that keeps ringing in my ears as I ponder the issue is that I've heard it said that there are two types of injuries you're likely to have on the trail. Minor ones that you can just walk off, maybe slap a bandaid on and Major trip-ending ones that you're not going to be able to do much to anticipate or prepare for with a kit. Not exactly going to be able to carry the sort of gear that would let me deal with another leg break, for example. So I'm a little loathe to consign a major amount of weight to a kit. Something like that minimalist pak plus or minus a few items would probably be more than enough.

I know I've got some friends with some know-how in this area though, so I'd love to hear my readers thoughts on putting together a good first-aid kit, or what pre-made kits they like. Especially if there's something you've found quite handy during an incident out in the wild.

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