Thursday, April 23, 2015

Gear Review Update: $6 Canister Stove

Just thought I'd make a quick post with an update on the $6 Canister Stove. It has been working quite well, doing a great job at helping me prepare many of these trail meals I've been testing and today I found myself in a wal-mart across town as I drove home from visiting a client. I stopped in to pick up a hydration reservoir cleaning kit. I found that the East Appleton Wal-Mart has a camping section that's twice as good as the one out by the Fox River Mall. And what I also found was a familiar face! Right there on the shelves was a stove that was IDENTICAL to the $6 stove I reviewed here. The only differences were the carrying box(a slightly different green plastic box), Sterno branding, and a $25 price tag. Same leg design, same piezo igniter, same burner.

If you're in a hurry you could pay for the privilege of getting it fast, but me, I'd say just buy one now on Amazon. I mean, it's $6, why not?

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