Friday, April 10, 2015

Trail Meal: Knorr Herb and Butter Rice&Pasta w/ Lemon Pepper Tuna

When I went shopping, I mistook the rice and pasta side for a pure rice side. At least, it says theres pasta in here. If there is, I can't see it, and I can't discern it. The ingredients list it though, so it must be in there. and it's a bit stickier to the bottom of the pot. Anyhow, I set out to make another Knorr Side based Trail Meal, after how good the Mushroom Rice & Salmon meal was. I figured that I'd want to mix it up some, get some different flavors. This time, since the weather this week has been crappy, I figured I'd just cook on my home stove, rather than go out on the porch in the middle of the night to use my campstoves. I did however, still cook it in my aluminum pot. I did this to make sure that the meal COULD be cooked and eaten completely from that pot.

I picked out a Knorr Herb and Butter Rice... that has pasta in it too apparently. Plenty filling but I'd opt for a pure-rice version if I could find it. It doesn't matter all that much though, the fish rapidly becomes the dominant flavor of the meal, just like with the salmon. I'm almost tempted to try my next one with the fish on the side in the pot lid, and the rice by itsself in the pot, see if it's better when the side dish gets to remain free of the fishy influence. It's not all that bad though, part of my thing is that meals feel weird to me without meat. So, when the fish takes over the whole pot of rice, and the whole thing tastes of meat? It's actually pretty satisfying. The lemon pepper tuna is pretty nice, the lemon flavor is stronger than I expected, but in a good way. I expected something pretty weak. The pepper flavor is a little lacking, so if you can get a couple of those tiny pepper packets, and throw them in for extra pepper flavor, I think you'll be happy you did. The olive oil I added was a pleasant addition to it as well, adding good calories for the trail without taking over the flavor of it.

I liked the Mushroom Rice and Salmon better, but this was different enough that I'd make this now and then just to mix it up, and have some variety in my meals. I'll be looking for a different rice to mix it with, but if I can't find a suitable one, the herb and butter was pretty good.

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