Thursday, April 30, 2015

Wish List: Inexpensive Canister Lantern

Now, I'm not certain how useful it'd be, or if it'd be worth it's space and weight... Likely, I suspect that I'll be better off calling it an early night, using my headlamp if I need to be active in the dark, and that my fuel is better off used for cooking than illumination... but there's something about this Canister Lantern that appeals to me. Car camping I'm accustomed to having my coleman stove and my coleman lantern. backpacking, I have several stove options that you've already seen my reviews of... but no real lantern options. I've seen some battery lanterns, even little LED ones that'd take up very little space... but they just don't call out to me the way this does.

I found this on Amazon when I got curious if there were any such devices after writing my Coleman Lantern Review. REI has a Snow Peak (same people who made my titanium pot!) Canister Lantern for $75. Which is surprisingly expensive. Even the less expensive Amazon Option is pricy at $20 relative to the stove I picked up for $6. But I'll take $20 over $75, no questions asked. The reviews seem to indicate that it's as much a radiant heater as a lantern, which makes me think this might be more worthwhile in adverse conditions/colder weather than something I'd need on a summer hike. Unsurprisingly, it indicates they're a bit of a fuel hog too. 

Probably not NECESSARY gear, but it'd be neat to have and try out at least. For now, I've got better things to drop $20 on. For now.

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